Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

Wonderful Game

This flash game is addicting, however, the bugs are to the extent to make the game unplayable. :(

I would be very happy to see an updated version with the critical bugs fixed.

vex-xiang responds:

I agree! I fixed the bugs and resubmitted. I am very sorry...and embarrassed.

What a beast!

Honestly man get those buggs fixed!! Because this will be newgrounds number 1 if you get everything up and running perfectly. The game is such a good idea and very well made I think in total I spent about 20 hours on this one its a classic!

vex-xiang responds:

The bugs should be fixed...I do not know when the update I sent will be online. But, if you keep playing it and 'avoid' the bugs for the time being, your saved game will still exist after the update, unless Newgrounds changes its URL location.

Platform game?

ya know, if Alien Homonid can become a platform game, and it seemed more like something mainly for flash to me, then a game like this that seems more like a platform game should have no problem at all. You should seriously consider trying to sell this to sony or something. Just change some of the trade names around.

This rules!!!!

I especially love mirror universe stuff I'm working on a fan trek series, based from the mirror universe, you should check out our website. The address is on my profile.


Im a fan of Flashtrek and its just my favorite game. Also for the n00bs who want to cheat, Heres a list of the n00bish cheats and ill put up the easter eggs :P N00BS(no offense to non n00bs)
To use the cheats, Press F8 Then Enter the cheat and click the red box.

maxlat-It says it in the title. Max Latinum(sets it to 100,000,000 NOT add)
inclat-Increases(adds) 1000 latinum.
maxdur-Same as maxlat except its Deuranium
allknowning-Sets Navigational, Tactical, Engineering and Away Team experience to 1000.(Engineering and Negotiation Experience IS NOT USED Thank you. BTW Tactical is how you use your weapons. God tactical lets you shoot faster.)
everyonelovesme-Says it. Makes you a Galactic Hero.
youhateme-Same as above. Makes you a Galactic Criminal
imgood-Makes the planet love you. 100% Prestige.
imbad-The planet hates you! -100% Prestige.
urmine-You know what it means. Takes over a planet.
getinthebooth-The earth owns ALL!!!(earth owns every planet)
byebyeklingons-The klingons goes away and gets taken over by NOBODY(Klingons leave and gets conquered by "None")
And the best of all:
ilovetocheat-Everything(except for the bottom below allknowing
And the farking uber rigged n00bish Easter Races.(easter EGGS not bunny races O.o)
Just press tab and you will see small blocks outside of the Race Selection Menu.To select it, Shift click it. The first one is near the Y on "Play Saved"
Description:A borg collective. You are a enemy to the whole quadrand and have 5000 hull and 50 antimatter and any travel takes only 2 antimatter(unrefillable) And your fucking slow, A simple fleet of Dunabe Runabouts can pwn j00 ass. Just kidding. Might as well say "Resistance is futile" Because you vs The Universe is not fun.
The 2nd one is a Dominion soldier(Yes, The race you never really saw in Blender.) You start as a Jem'Hadar Fighter with Uber *cough* I mean Unique weapons. The 3rd one is all the way to bottom right hand corner. A cardassian Gul, No diffrence with the race but start with a Galor class.
The Other easter eggs:
In Paso, Keep going South East and you will see a disabled station. It sells a Galaxy Dreadnought which is the BEST ship in the game(Excluding Ubers).
In Bajora, Go North West until you see a wormhole. Go into it and you will be in Dyson where you can get the famous Cutter beam(Made by Borg Incorperated) and the Famous Dyson sphere with the Wormhole generator(dont go crazy and build 50 in every planet leading to every planet!).
In Kardon, There will be a wormhole generator Leading to Pirate's Haven, Theres nothing in Pirates haven except a war. Dont forget to get heavy weapons and dont stay there too long, Theres a wormhole generator and its the only way out!
In Remus, You can get the Famous Scimitar(Made by Romulans during their great Escape!) In south west of the planet. Its equipped with a Cloaking device, A thaleron generator and Disruptor Turret(Buy the Thaleron Test Facility at Nauscia so you wont get -1000% Prestige. Travelling to diffrent planets after you fired it will give u negative in the planet u are on then.)
Theres the N00bish guide. I took about 5 minutes writing this. So be happy, Dont worry n00bs.(No offense)