Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

fuk ing awesome

dude this is so good that if you changed a few things, and added some more content , you could sell the game and people would probably buy it

one of the best flash format games i have ever seen.


I want more races, ships, upgrades and paint schemes in the next flashtrek game.

pretty good

Here's a nice long review:

The graphics were complete, accurate and overall pretty good, but they didn't make me go crazy like the other guy before me. There was a bug with the zoom feature, which makes some ships look really big.

The sound was average, and the violence was alright, but it could of used some more attention. Small ships and big ships blow up the same way. There's a fireball and then a puny shockwave thingy. Pretty boring.

This game has lots a features, tons of ships, and a good selection of weaponery.

The instructions were actually very confusing, and I ended up having to write down all the controls down on a piece of paper. The in-game insturctions were long and didn't cover everything. There were also many bugs that started when you built a station. Sometimes the stations change places, or disappear after being built.

One other thing that's good about the game is that it has lots of external resources. The website that goes with it has a complete manual with cheats.

The overall mark was lowered becuase of all the bugs. They really are annoying.


this game was awesome dont listin to this ass below me hes the gay


Its a bit complicated, but is the best online game i played ever!
Hint: the COM pilots buy for more value than sell!
Click on the link and enjoy the GREAT game!