Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

A great game, with plenty to do. One of the best flash games out there.

A little buggy, but is a good game. I like to build up an empire and then piss off all the major nations so that there are epic battles.

Played it lots of times always just go trades then if you have enough money going to planet delpi for away team exp to reach 100+ then go conquer uninhabited planets (and makes sure I don't have a flag so that other races would get it from me) and just travel around the galaxy....Boom money bath every travel from planet to planey \m/ (-_-) ,,l,, oh BTW this review was a tip from you ppl who are playin and want to play this game. oh and I've been to Dyson a planet which you will have to discover in this game, hint: it's at Bajora check the system their you'll find something soon..... for now keep playing mah brothas and sistahs \m/ (-_-) ,,l,,

its a very nice game but buggy as hell. sometimes i couldnt lock on to ANYTHING other times when i went to construct a building it was gone when i came back to the area. only way i can find to fix it is to completely restart. still it is very fun to play and i hope that these issues can be fixed at some time.

I LOVE this game so much that im gonna put the CHEATS for this game kk?! While playing, pressF8 in your keyboard. Now type these codes individually with NO space kk.
maxlat: alot of money
allknowing: have max stats for nebulas and more.
maxdur: max duranium for construction.
urmine: own the planet you are in. (please dont do this very often it kills the fun.)
getinthebooth: Every PLANET will be owned by the earth Empire. ( this also kills the fun but it does it more than urmine kk use responsibly.)
Hope its helpfull!!!!!