Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"


i have one serious problem with this, i used to be able to buy stations and stuff like that and build it on the planets i owned but i cant anymore and i cant figure out why not if anyone else had this problem an fixed it lemme know would ya? also if its a bug in the programming id hope vex still pays attention to these, also he shuld make one for starwars or something

Most likely the best star trek game out

This is the best flash game on NG and probly anywhere over the web.

@Madiman did you read the INSTRUCTIONS?

If you need instructions on how how to get throught the hotels.....

Great Game

I can't figure out a few things though.

1. How do you conquer a planet
2. How do you build a space station
3. How do you make your follow you to different planets


Yeah its good.

Awesome game

its hard at first because you dont have a clue what to do but once you know everything it's awesome

You have to Shift+Click the races not just click them

The Galaxy Dreadnaught ship is south east from paso, just keep on flying and you'll find it. The station which sells it is almost destroyed