Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

Love the game if only i knew more to it

There is only one game i play more than this one and that is broken mirror 4 there is only one thing i dont like in both of the games. the romulans dont even have enough territory to be an empire i mean sure none of the other races like them but 2 plannets is not enough to be an empire more like an alliance

great game

you can onley have a sertain amount of stations so you have to delete som to bye new ones.
ancering ruthlesace

Good game and little fatc for you all

This is an overall good game and to be honest it is nearly perfect. (Not considering the bugs) Also a funny fact for you all Go to the planet Koneal and click on it or press H to hail it and notice in the box where it's name is it says Konea :) Hope you enjoyed that fact.


Most fun yet glitchy game EVA!!!!!!!!