Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

Firstly I would like to introduce myself. Most who were real fans of this game would know me as "Dondon". I am now known as B0rgDr0n3.

This is an absolutely fantastic game as you can see by the ratings etc. For this reason I believe we all need to keep it alive! Vex Xiang's own forum for this game went offline at some point so please visit http://flashtrek.freeforums.org/ to keep this game alive.

There is also a new game heading everyone's way that will be built on Vex Xiang's legacy. A new game engine with the physics of the above game but so many other features that you will burst when you play it! So come across to the forum and keep interest alive!

Thank you all and once again thank you Vex Xiang for your amazing contributions to Flash Gaming!


I had the same problem as some others (stations disappearing when I left planets). Turns out they're just being destroyed by enemy forces. Make sure to leave some ships to guard a station you are building, or build it on a planet that already has significant defense forces.

I played this game waaay back in '05 or something and it had me in front of the screen for weeks. Just came by to see if the creator had made something new, but nothing new from this guy unfortunately.
If you haven't played this yet, don't wait any longer.

I love the game and i get a huge empire but whenever i try to build a station it disappears once i come back to the planet.It's really bugging me and it's why i stopped playing the game last time.

this game is simply amazing you should make more like it!