Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

I don't really care for strategy games like that. I've seen nearly all the "Star Trek" movies. You'd think I would be more familiar with this! Instead, it was mostly alien. Hee hee, pun. I do appreciate the game's atmosphere.

It was just a bit too complicated for me. Yeah, I'm too lazy to look into games like this. The sounds were nice. It could have used more music. It should please bigger fans.

I love this game although their is some bugs that i wish were fixed and maybe more features but what's their i love

Good but couldn't find a way to save my game

It's good. But maybe make a slightly larger screen to play on, slight bit more details into the stuff, and give us things we can do to get cargo and stuff? And make our own stations and stuff?

Best non mmo Ive ever played.