Reviews for "FlashTrek: Broken Mirror"

Awesome game!

Flashtrek is awesome! I hope #3 comes out. Also, in addition to what That1pro said, the station with the galaxy dreadnought will be destroyed after you buy it by an Earth fleet.

Easter Egg

In the Paso System go South East from the planet until you find an abandoned Human Starbase. Hail it, then by the Galaxie Dreadnaught. Be careful if you destroy the station they don't make a new one.


This is awesome! I have 6 (nearly seven) Planets. This is the best space game ever!


ok everyone that wants to be borg follow these steps

step 1, when on the screen for the 4 options click on new account.

step 2, when choosing ur species press the TAB button and it will bring up a yellow box

step 3, go through them all and when u get to a tiny yellow box out the side move ur mouse directly to it

step 4, ur box will disappear so you will have to keep clicking on the Tab button until its back to the tiny square.

step 5, one ur mouse is directly on the square and the yellow box is there hold Shift and click.

there a 3 small boxes and they are dominion / borge or a better cardassien vessel

both the Shift button and Tab button are located on the left side of ur keyboard.

when in the game press f8 and a box will appear type in everyonelovesme and click the red box. and everyone will love u.

type in maxlat and u will have all the money u need
type in maxdur and u will have max building materials
type in yourmine and the world will be yours.
for yourmine to work u must travel to the world type the cheat in and travel to a different world and back again.


You tranport 60 tons of prostitutes to the surface...
anyway good game but at some cargo missions you have to transport weird things
dead cats