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Trapped 5

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The impasse from exactly 2 years ago (the last comment) was pushing the block that looked like a regular wall in the center of the room in this video at 5:51 in the walkthrough https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rzl190B7KN4. That was the missing key to it, not trying to move that block because why would you when you've already run into so many and they could never be moved before. It would probably have been better if that block had been made a different color slightly or shaded somehow differently, or somehow else made to look different, like how the ones that can be blown up with 3 superbombs are shown with a crack in them, or if moving such a block was the requirement for getting another easter egg/secret and not a requirement for actually proceeding in the game.

This is the best indy game of its kind, simple or should I say minimalist adventure games made from the bottom up, where the graphics are secondary to what they represent. It really reminded me of Atari 2600's Adventure. Robot Wants Kitty is a close second if you want to call it that. I'm sure you engineered everything yourself in the tiniest detail, including for instance how when you press a directional button you immediately go one space in that direction, then there's a time delay while you hold it, and then you rapidly proceed in that direction. Which also causes some problems on its own right. The only effective way to travel relatively short distances, like 4 and exactly 4 spaces not 3 or 5 or all the way across the screen, is to hit the directional button 4 times instead of holding it down because then you'll probably be off by 1 or even 2, and on my computer, it makes playing it too much potentially an adventure in carpel tunnel syndrome. Maybe you could have had the arrow keys be one-shots, you press it down and it goes one space immediately and NEVER starts going fast no matter how long you hold it down, but have the awdx keys IMMEDIATELY start going fast as you hold them down, the way it does only after holding down the arrow keys after several seconds as it is now, so there would be 8 directional control buttons, one that works like a machine gun and one that works like a pistol if you only want go one space and fine-tune your motions. I don't think that would be too complicated, z is bomb so it doesn't interfere with awdx and then there's the space and m for menu and that's it, 11 total buttons.

It has everything in the right balance other than that one bit of deception with the block you have to move which is too dependent on luck in discovering it as an event to allow proceeding, I think. It's the right duration for a sane attention span, not too simplistic nor too drawn out, the puzzles require care and attention but not to a daunting and extremely unpleasant degree, the bosses are classic bosses with methods of beating them. And set to memorable midi latin music. It's like a revisitation to Atari's Adventure combined with a few other games from the 1980s. Though Adventure was the 70s. Games I played in the 80s. The one way it could be better is if like Adventure, there was a way to somewhat randomize item and monster locations so it wasn't the same exact game every time. I guess the random element of the wandering monster motions make it not exactly the same game but other than that it is. My best A+ rank 0-death speedrun is 22:39 but I see someone on youtube has it up in under 20 minutes. It probably depends on the keyboard you're using, mine is awful, it has the up and down buttons RIGHT next to each other and each one is half the height of a regular keyboard key, and the right and left buttons way to the side of them so pressing them down over and over quickly is not fun.

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stonefruitstudios responds:

Thanks for the review! Are you using an Apple magic keyboard?

I have completely exhausted all possibilities. The only remote possibilities are the room 1 left and below the starting room, which has a door which expects a password which I don't have, and the special blocks with checkmark characters on them which turn red briefly when you detonate a bomb next to them. But dozens of bombs don't blow them up. I have not found a blank key to turn into an orange key with 50 coins in the shop. I eventually bought the complete map, which was completely useless, and also left me with less than 50 coins so even if I did find the blank key I couldn't get it since I've killed all enemies in all accessible rooms so there's no more coins to be had without getting access to more rooms. But that's not possible anyway, since there is none in any of the accessible rooms. I'm SOL and I'm tired of this.

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stonefruitstudios responds:

You get the password after you beat the first boss.

I was surprised at how much fun I had with this. I assumed that the game would be too simple for me to really enjoy. It's great to see how well this holds up. While there isn't much in terms of graphics, it makes up for it in terms of gameplay. I really like how you have so much control over your bombs. It's a great way of showing how something simple can be fun.

I guess I enjoyed it because there's so much to do. You can do whatever you want and use whatever kind of attacks you find. I like how the enemies close and open their eyes. It isn't much, but it shows a form of maliciousness. Very good game.

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Wonderful game. If you have played trapped 1 through 4 then you will find that this brings the game to full maturity. This is the real deal. Having said that, the game is too long to have neither a pause feature nor a save feature. I had just beaten the Boss in the 58th room and an internet problem reset pulled me out. No save sucks. I still give the game 4 out of 5.

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I used to play this when I was younger, but now I have no idea how to beat it anymore, but I remember it was a good game so I'll rate it 4/5.
And I like the music, I hope Trapped 6 will have good music as well ._.

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