Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Good or bad?

It was really easy but some games (including this) are special. Even though you're wasting time it's worth it.

nice job! 00

stonefruitstudios responds:

Hey thanks man.

Nice game

I liked this game, nice and simple..Only 2 things i found:

It seemed kind of pointless having health packs coz u had infinite lives [i know u get a rank at the end but..!!!]. I just gave up and bombed everything including me, so it made the game a bit boring that way.

I think you forgot to include on the map the room with the red key [password door]- small complaint i know...!!

Otherwise a well thought out easy to follow game!!
Well done :)

infinet lives

yeyyyyy thank you i hope the same with 6


if your stuck the after the one with the blue key has 6 blocks in the middle of it the boottom midlee blocks tigger a ble block to come out and attack

great game


i got stuck between tow dudes and i couldnt move at all. you should make it so after you die you start at the begening of the room

stonefruitstudios responds: