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Reviews for "Trapped 5"


Brilliant game! love it! You've come a long way from trapped 1. Anyone who says this isn't good is a pillock.

Good or bad?

It was really easy but some games (including this) are special. Even though you're wasting time it's worth it.

nice job! 00

stonefruitstudios responds:

Hey thanks man.

Nice game

I liked this game, nice and simple..Only 2 things i found:

It seemed kind of pointless having health packs coz u had infinite lives [i know u get a rank at the end but..!!!]. I just gave up and bombed everything including me, so it made the game a bit boring that way.

I think you forgot to include on the map the room with the red key [password door]- small complaint i know...!!

Otherwise a well thought out easy to follow game!!
Well done :)

infinet lives

yeyyyyy thank you i hope the same with 6


if your stuck the after the one with the blue key has 6 blocks in the middle of it the boottom midlee blocks tigger a ble block to come out and attack

great game