Reviews for "Trapped 5"

There is a bit craze/minding lag here

Once you are "revived" in the same place, the gosts dont let you go! you are stuck!!!!!!!!!! HOW ANNOYING!!


I love procrastinating by playing this game. The style is great; I personally love the interconnectedness of all the rooms and having to go back and forth to complete the agme. Also, I haven't beaten your score, but I have gotten very close: My best is A+, 34:22; 4 lives used. Looking forward to Trapped 6!

Doesn't work

I started play this game and ten seconds later I ended up in a room and I got cornered and kept dying. Try to make to make a thing where you guy flashes on and off for 3 seconds.


First "Trapped I've played, and that was one hell of an addicting game.
I couldn't stop.
And now I want to play again, because I completely forgot about the white door!!!!
Great stuff, and I am certanily going to play the rest of the series.

stonefruitstudios responds:

Thanks! I am currently working on Trapped 6.


its good but needs a lot of work