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Reviews for "Trapped 5"

I was surprised at how much fun I had with this. I assumed that the game would be too simple for me to really enjoy. It's great to see how well this holds up. While there isn't much in terms of graphics, it makes up for it in terms of gameplay. I really like how you have so much control over your bombs. It's a great way of showing how something simple can be fun.

I guess I enjoyed it because there's so much to do. You can do whatever you want and use whatever kind of attacks you find. I like how the enemies close and open their eyes. It isn't much, but it shows a form of maliciousness. Very good game.

Wonderful game. If you have played trapped 1 through 4 then you will find that this brings the game to full maturity. This is the real deal. Having said that, the game is too long to have neither a pause feature nor a save feature. I had just beaten the Boss in the 58th room and an internet problem reset pulled me out. No save sucks. I still give the game 4 out of 5.

I used to play this when I was younger, but now I have no idea how to beat it anymore, but I remember it was a good game so I'll rate it 4/5.
And I like the music, I hope Trapped 6 will have good music as well ._.

A neat game, enjoyed it.
1.Better map ('m' should focus on map first maybe)
2.Volume control
3.More powerups/abilities!

Hope to see Trapped 6 soon!

stonefruitstudios responds:

Thank you. It's in the works!

Tedious as hell

I accidentally clicked on another link and it ended my game. I was seriously relieved. This game takes forever and has crappy game design despite having good programming. 3 bombs to blow up a block? Do you have any idea how tedious that gets?

stonefruitstudios responds:

Good call. I've fixed that for Trapped 6 already (release date unknown). What else sucks in Trapped 5?