Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Wonderful game. If you have played trapped 1 through 4 then you will find that this brings the game to full maturity. This is the real deal. Having said that, the game is too long to have neither a pause feature nor a save feature. I had just beaten the Boss in the 58th room and an internet problem reset pulled me out. No save sucks. I still give the game 4 out of 5.

I used to play this when I was younger, but now I have no idea how to beat it anymore, but I remember it was a good game so I'll rate it 4/5.
And I like the music, I hope Trapped 6 will have good music as well ._.

A neat game, enjoyed it.
1.Better map ('m' should focus on map first maybe)
2.Volume control
3.More powerups/abilities!

Hope to see Trapped 6 soon!

stonefruitstudios responds:

Thank you. It's in the works!

Tedious as hell

I accidentally clicked on another link and it ended my game. I was seriously relieved. This game takes forever and has crappy game design despite having good programming. 3 bombs to blow up a block? Do you have any idea how tedious that gets?

stonefruitstudios responds:

Good call. I've fixed that for Trapped 6 already (release date unknown). What else sucks in Trapped 5?


best but most difficult of 'em all