Reviews for "Trapped 5"

my GOD i freaking LOVE these games!!!

dude, im not sure if this game consisted of just the one level... but if it had more, i would be blown away if anyone did all of them! aha.
doubtfull though, because i think that it would take the average person about an hour to complete this level... maybe less maybe more.
after 23 minutes, i attained the following stats:
36% enemies killed.
31% rooms visited.
is that any good?
anyhoo, it was a bloody fantastic game, i've played a few of these before, and they simply get better with time. ofcourse, whilst your actionscripting skills continue to escalate, so will the gameplay of your games.
keep up the awesome work, my friend.


I've played Trapped 4 lloooong time ago! And a sequel?! WOOOOT!!

a game but not really adictive

oh well its a great game but it is not really fun and i stoped playing after a minute...

score: 2 stars

The classic zelda feel!

It made me relive the old school dungeons!
Fun ass game!