Reviews for "Trapped 5"


Kick assular stuff. =P

You win everything

stonefruitstudios responds:

Thanks sir!

Hey auther

hey maker or WAhtever, i lovew this series and id like to complete it but i cant get apst the room with the turret that doesnt fire unless you press the button in top rightand with the collor cubes, YAY HOW THE F*** DO YOU PASS THAT???

Just perfect

This game is exactly what I wanted, this is my kind of game. Could you make a sequel please? :)

too hard

that game was WAY to hard.I quit after about 10 minutes but good game

stonefruitstudios responds:

The game really isn't THAT hard, and if it's good why did you give me a 2/10?


But it glitches sometimes, e.g. I got the orange or yellow key but the doors with those colors won´t open!

stonefruitstudios responds:

Hmmm.... that's the first time I've heard about THAT glitch. Maybe you're doing something wrong?