Reviews for "Trapped 5"

Does feel like Zelda.

this game reminds me of a dungeon in Zelda. The puzzles are great and just the right amount of difficulty. Nice game

Ah, a classic

Every once in awhile, I like playing the entirety of this game. Sure, there's no impressive graphics, the controls can stick sometimes, and it can be annoying going back and forth. But this games always makes you want to finish from beginning to end.

I beat it in 40 minutes and had fun with it.


Too bad no medals...

glitch :((

in the last boss after usung the supr bomb
it froze.... sigh
I donth think I'll play it again but its a good game none the less


I liked the other Trapped games, the game style is enjoyable and they get more and more challenging as you submit them.

This fifth installment took an extra step away from the first 4 in flow and creativity, and I hope that Trapped 6 takes another such step. I also hope it has many more rooms, more secrets, more creative Monster/Boss AI, and is even more of a challenge :)