Reviews for "Trapped 5"

That was awesome!!!

That is a great game. I hope you do a Trapped 6. For those who are having trouble with the colored blocks, here's a hint...go back to the area where the store is. Instead of going to the store, go as far east as you can and you'll get your solution...


I thought it was a great game overall expecpt the fact that IM STUCK and I can't figure out what to do next. I bought the map, I have the yellow key, and I've gotten the blue block pusher.... what do I do now? I can't find the blank key or the stupid super bomb or w/e or the orange key or the way to the green key or even the raft... PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME! lol


That was very hard and it took me 134 mins to complete and i lost 74 (Yes, 74) lives! Make a 6th one but make some more levels instead of just one!


make more of this! it's one of the greatest online games ever!!
and it really is like TLoZ.

I'm impressed.

Wow, nice job. I never thought you'd come out with a fifth one.. but great job. I love all the added features you put in there; it's much more challenging now. All the other Trapped games, I beat in about 20 mins, this one I had to force myself to get off to keep myself from staying up past 2 am. Again, great work. A fun game I would reccomend to anyone. Keep it up.