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banana phone booth

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Author Comments

it'a an homage to "banana phone".
because I think it's a cool and funny movie.

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whoever rated this really low fuck you this may have been his 1st animation and even though it looks bad that doesn't mean you need to say its horrible you need to appreciate the work he put into making this and it doesn't men you get a escuse to say this is horrible.


Mate this was terrible, the animation was really badly drawn like that of a 5 year old child. The choice of music was annoying & patronizing for me. This was intended to be a comedy but it was not at all funny in anyway whatsoeever..

I don't mean to be harsh because I am guessing this is your first attempt at animation, but nonetheless it was really terrible. You will probably improve your skills over time though.


The person who gave you a zero is a fucking retard. I like this flash a lot. Although if i was that guy id be shitting my pants not pissing. Good job (:


And the diesease begins!

omg, you need help

wow. no. bad. this sucked so bad. what a waste of time watching it.being a fan of the banana phone flashes, this is a horrible way to use one, so bad, im writing a longletter for the first time, so be prepared!
ok, number one, the graphics were lame, but i dont blame you, because its a flash. the graphics always suck.
the credits were in french? what the FUCK! ok, that wasn't funny if it were a joke, and add color to the intro and credits on your next flash. black is a boring color, so it won't be too interesting to watch, and i'm not saying it should be white either. black and white can fuck off out of the color wheel if you ask me. no pun intended.
phone booth? not really the best idea for a funny OR banana phone flash. it's sad that the idea even came to mind. and i mean what the fucking hell is wrong with you. do a mario/banana phone or game show/banana phone or anything else but just NOT a fucking PHONE BOOTH.
what the hell is up with the ending. he lets go of the phone and gets shot in the head. then, THE END. the end.... no. ok, that just doesn't work. make it end with color, like the banana walks out of the building with his rifle (should've been a pistol) and walks down the street, then the words the end appear across the horison. then after the credits, make another person, maybe a black woman, walk into the phone booth. then it restarts. give her a weird, "WTF!" face, then in the bottom right corner of the screen, put a replay button, even though i don't understand why anyone with a good mind would want to.
you have no clue what the word grammar is, do you? half through the flash, the word bubbles had sentences that weren't sentences at all. no. no, no, no, no, no. "i shall want this phone booth." wow. i don't know HOW to fix that sentence. you didn't even use any periods, either. wow. you need another year in school, don't you?
i have lot's more to say, but i don't have enough characters to write them all, so i'm just going to sum this flash up with one, little word. the whole flash...
your welcome.

Credits & Info

3.38 / 5.00

Jun 29, 2004
7:34 AM EDT