Reviews for "banana phone booth"

1 thing

this flash taught me one thing. NEVER pick up the phone.

heh. just kidding. I loved this movie. Although you suck at animating. If this movie was to be better animated then you would get 10 at everything.


Probably the best use for that song yet.

banana phone

what is your morbid fascination with that virus of a song? what ever it is i got it too. it is so damn catchy it makes you want to go shoot somebody. lol. i saw the original banana phone video and it made me download the song to torture people with. i like your work with it. lol. good job on your banana phone videos. :) could have done a lil more with it though

I love that movie!

Phone booth is a great film and combining it with Bana Phone is genious lol.

It got confusing but then it all made sense in the end.

Good job I liked it.


I am going to be brutally honest all of your your animations suck!!

you should just stop...bofore I gouge out my eyes and feed them to my pet alligator

"if i knew where you lived i'd stone you 24/7" raves the new york wilson