Reviews for "banana phone booth"

everyone and anyone should watch this.

blood quality is all i can say keep it up , liked the graphics , very reminiscent of banana phone like you intended ! *claps*


Very well done from start to end! Very funny!

Nice touch with the music in the start. The ending was kinda predictable though... but still funny:)

-keep up the good work


Good work. This was funny but on the whole a little slow... It wasn't funny enough to fill up the length of the movie. Maybe make the walking sequences a little shorter and faster. On the whole though, good work.

....Also, in regards to the reviews before mine, OF COURSE it's modeled on the movie Phone Booth. I didn't even see the movie and I got it. It's not ripping it off, it's clearly a parody. Think before you talk.


it was funny but i reckon u copired that of a a flim called the phone booth...RING RING RING RING BANANA PHONE


im sorry but that wasnt funny at all. and what the hell is with your grammar, or in ur language: what hell with you grammar. go to school