Reviews for "banana phone booth"


This movie reminded me of that movie "Phone Booth" I never actually seen the movie but I've seen the previews. I don't understand why the gut with the sniper rifle was threatning the guy not to leave the phone booth, whats he got against him?

so unfair

Ozzy or banana?


Funny movie. But I thought the thing was a dream when he woke up and then he woke up again after all of that and got shot. Very screwed up. That cracking sound you hear is either eggs being cracked or the part of my brain that sees logical things in life slowly falling apart. MONKEYS! MONKEYS IN BAZOOKA JOE OUTFITS!!! WEEEHEE HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Just joking. Great movie.


Dude that was fucking awesome. I was kind of mad that it was a dream within a dream but as soon as that fucker let go of the receiver and gets his ass shot I was like FUCK YEAH!!! Kick ass, the graphics weren't perfect but the content was solid. Plus the kick ass coldplay music also helps me forget that gay banna phone music. You get a 5

omg goood job!

omg GREAT JOB!!! adorable graphics ^^ i thought this was SOOOOO cute! omg nice JOB! i wouldn't mind having this song stuck in my head :) lol