Reviews for "banana phone booth"

worst episode ever lol

i like ur style alot but this movie just totally didnt cut it i was expecting much better for somthin under decent score


Now that was a movie! I, Halfsharkalligatorhalfman, must congratulate you on such an impressive work of art.

The banana controls your dreams!


Yours Truly,

Good music, but you should have used some of Kool Keith's music too.

rip off

make up your own god damn material jesus christ..... i give you a 0

I sense a new trend

It appears that "Banana Phone" is going to become favorite of artists on Newgrounds. I wonder how Rafi would feel if he knew that people are associating his song with death and terror? Good Job nonetheless.

Very good, overall.

Surreal, yet charming at the same time... I love it! A very nice job, and a good homage to 'Banana Phone'. I've got that damn song stuck in my head now!