Reviews for "banana phone booth"


But I liked it. Animation could be smoother. Pick up the pace of the story a bit. I always knew that song was evil.

I for one welcome our gun-toting banana overlords

Surprise :P

At first i tought it was going to one of those "no-point-lame" flash movies, when he hang up the phone, but then the whole plot came ! :D

Great job, man.

I love all your cartoons! Your style is awesome! Make more PLEASE!!! P.S. I love the music you chose in your movies, you have good taste.

That was great!

I'd like it to have had the 'sped up' banana phone version instead though - that version is even creepier!

Great skills here - well done!

The "wet pants" would be better done with a more subtle grey I think...


I love banana phone!! Great job you did on this!