Reviews for "banana phone booth"

Bravo man Bravo

This wud of been a heap of alot better if u added Voice overs for the people, but great use of music, i cudnt stop laughing when he woke up, then the banana song started playing, and the banana was sitting down, pure genious.

had potential.....

u had a great idea except u didnt do much with it......... the fact that ur in the same category as the original "banana phone" saddens me...pull this flash off newgrounds and give it some serious face time......

Not all that creative

It really isn't all that funny. The "it was just a dream" excuse was clever when whoever first used it came up with it; here, it's just trite, as is the cliche "it wasn't just a dream". Overall, very unfunny.


the music before the guy picks up the phone is by a band called coldplay.....the song is called trouble hope that helps

good work.....not as good as the original but what is?

question about music..

after the phone rings, the music that plays before he picks it up.. It's piano music, what is it from?