Reviews for "banana phone booth"


funny, al most as much as the original. Please tell me who raffy is and how to get that song. its so addicting. I need to listen to the whole thing. please give me a response. thanks


it'a an homage to "banana phone".

it certainly is... w00T


A banana comes out of the building "i won!" hahahahha thats great man....one flaw...theres about 3984753984753987539847598345 bananaphone booths in new york and 348537498537495873498573984568934765987653987478963847685 people =D btw...I HAVE A PENIS


banana phone does strange things to people.....
it's a good song too.....
why can't people leave that sone ALONE!!!!

nice flash, though!!

everyone and anyone should watch this.

blood quality is all i can say keep it up , liked the graphics , very reminiscent of banana phone like you intended ! *claps*