Reviews for "banana phone booth"


That was too predictable when the guy picks the phone up and Raffi's Banana Phone plays and the guy goes nuts! Make it less predictable next time!

Not horrible, but come on!

This was all right, but i better do some good old-fashioned critizism.
Ok, first off, the author did ok with the music, but he should have made the people talk. Not to mention the fact that what the people say was COMPLETELY NOT FUNNY!
Second, the graphics were either basic shapes or drawn with the paint tool, but the the banana dude did look kind of funny.
With this said, I still thought that it was pretty funny. Good job Author of Banana phone booth. You get an "N" for not last place.


not even close to as funny as banana phone. Ya haha that was stupid your character was stupid and you should have done voices.


Sorry, but don't do that...

What the hell was that?

Ok...you took a really good idea and made a complete mess out of it. It would have been good had the graphics not sucked like they did and maybe if the characters actually spoke. I don't know...didn't do a thing for me.

Come up with your own ideas from now on.