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Classic Video Poker

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Author Comments

A video poker game with all the greatness of the original.

If you find a bug regarding a specific hand, please let me know what combination of cards you had.

-Added a Mute Button
-Fixed a bug involving a Ace high Straight
-Fixed some more bugs involving straights

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Brings back memories of spending all day playing this in God Hand.

zatchmo on the next comment page is wrong. I just kept 4 out of 5 cards that were all clubs, and replaced the fifth, and lo and behold it completed the flush. And indeed it identified it as such. So no, there's no bug where it fails to identify a flush if you get it by replacing one card. Also, you have the nerve to complain that the jackpot for somethingorother should be MORE? Deimoszg's comment is a riot though. He nailed it in style. It pretty much captures the essense of this game. All my thumbs up are belong to u. Yeah. SURE. This is JUST like a real casino. I'm sure.

It's kind of silly, how huge the advantage the player has on the house. Just keep betting 10% of your money, and keeping hands that are good or go for a flush if you have at least 3 cards already of the same suit or a straight if you have 4 out of 5 of them that are in the middle, so that you can get the fifth on the lower or upper end (so for instance, keep a 3-4-5-6 because you'd win with either a 2 or a 7), and it will exponentially grow pretty quickly. I doubt the edge the player has on the house is any less than 100%, namely every dollar bet returns on average more than 2 dollars. No casino would ever give this game.

I quit when I finally got a full house on a 2 million dollar bet. Which would give me 100 million and put me outside the parameters of where this method can be used sensibly, I'd be jamming down that million dollar bet button dozens of times before long. I shouldn't have played that long, as soon as it was clear the way it behaved I should have quit there.

So basically, it's a waste of time, it's an ego boost to someone who's REALLY easily impressed maybe, but who would feel self-assured from winning this? I guess it's a LITTLE better than those idle games like businessman simulator where it's COMPLETELY mindless, at least there is a little logic in the cards to keep. I swear, one of these days there will be a megapopular viral game where all it is, is just a button that says "increase" and a number in a box, i.e. a counter, and clicking a button which causes the counter to increment by one, or maybe eventually it causes it to increment by 0.1%, and that game's title will be "how high a score can you get?" And people will just be spending HOURS and HOURS pressing that button. "Wowee, I scored 12000!" someone would brag. Spoiler alert, that would not be something to brag about.

MAYBE it might be interesting if someone made a game that kind of was a tutorial about how best to hypothetically gamble under conditions of various levels of advantage on the house, at least that would be educational. I'll bet someone out there is dumb enough to consistently go bankrupt on this game because they bet too much, like 100% of it.

i got over 30000000 dollars

A good little addicting game. I ended up with $111450950. So Much Win!

Simple, but great.

I love taking risks when I have streaks of good cards, It's really fun.

Credits & Info

3.65 / 5.00

Dec 13, 2003
10:06 PM EST