Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

Esentially very fun.

But wow, the flaws that it DOES have get very annoying quickly. For one thing, if you don't win you almost always get your money back anyway. Otherwise, you said you "added a mute button", but I could not find it but that one could be soley my fault. And last of all, I quit when I bet all of my $1,000,000,000,000 on one hand and actually lost. The bet thing doesn't go high enough. It makes me have to click my mouse like 60 times to play one hand. Other than that, it was a good game and kept me entertained for an hour or two. Good job.

Ok game, payouts unrealistic ...

An ok game, I must say, but same payout on flush and STRAIGHT FLUSH?! Should be better than four of a kind ...


I stopped at 6'846'080'000 $ ....
You should put a button $100MIL .... I was bored of clicking 100 times on $1MIL!

But really nice game!

Good but

This game is good and alot of fun but one thing that can make it better is instead of having a pair you should of had it like a real video poker game with a jacks or better instead of a pair cause even if you have a pair of two's you win which is pretty stupid cause i have never won a poker game with a pair of two's but other then that the game is good.

This game is VVEERRYY good!

I got $120,000,000 on my first (and only so far) game. I was really lucky and i got 1 Royal Flush, 1 Straight Flush and 3 or 4 Full Houses. Play this game! its SOOOOOO adictive and fun!

(You need to know the basic rules of poker to enjoy this game)