Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

Pretty Decent Game

The only thing I see wrong with this game is the easiness. On normal video poker games, you don't get any money back for getting a pair lower than face cards. Also, why is straight flush worth 20x if flush is worth 20x? I haven't gotten a straight flush yet, but I imagine you would get 200x maybe? Could just be a typo but I thought I would point out that kind of strange score setup.

What did you expect?

A poker game is a poker game. After reading the reviews i got so sick of "Whaaa whaaa its a boring poker game!" if you wanted an action game, there is a section for action.... As for the game itself, i really enjoyed it, although i never got billions =p. My highest was 11,1000,000 Then i went all in and of course....lost. Over all great video poker game. Exactly what i expected from a POKER GAME. I do agree on the pairs though, it seemed that there were very many of them. Other than that the sound was great, Not much graphics, but what did i say a poker game is a poker game.


Got me hooked like under a minute, well done good game.

I like this game

This is a good game the only thing I think you should add is a "repeat" the bet button.

What do you forget to do in the bathroom...

I pulled a flush! WOOT