Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

Great Game

Reminds me when my father gave me 1000 dollars and told me to go have fun in the casino. Payed him back in 2 hours and still had 500000 dollars to spare.

All in button

Great game. needs an all in button though. It gets annoying pushing the + $1MIL button 2000 times lol


Very real game,like!

lots of bugs

on several occasion i have drawn one card to a flush, but the game does not recognize the flush when you draw one card to it. It seems fine when I draw more than one card and hit a flush. Your straight flush should award significantly higher than it does. your hand rankings seem to be off in terms of payment in this matter. For instance, if you award 50k to a 4 of a kind, then you should award at least twice that to a straight flush. As it stands, a straight flush seems to only be worth that of a normal flush. I see no other major flaw, except that the chances of winning are 100% since you have no requirement on pairs. I turned 1000 credits in to over 6 billion in just ander 20 minutes. If you're going for accuracy, at least make it Jacks or better, but if only for pure enjoyment, I really enjoyed the way you can make your points skyrocket by betting in a progressive manner. The only thing that really annoyed me was the game not recognizing a flush when you draw one card to and hit it.

Very Real

Very Real Lost All My Money, Nice Game