Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

not bad at all

Not bad it was fun and I liked the sound effects, good for a little while. Good job.

Fun, for a while

it's fun at first, but after a while it starts to get boring. i played for about 10 minutes and got $2billion.


Welcome to Vegas

I wish this was a real slot machine :)

I'm currently on 216mill ;)

It's fun and simple, the simplicity being also its downfall - after a while there just isn't much to keep you interested... remember in real slot machines/video poker games you're playing with real money - hence the thrill. With this perhaps a ranking system or bonus games may make it more fun.

not horrible

its pretty boring and didnt catch my attetion to much
4/10 for me. =I

Best poker game ever!

Very good poker game and good varies of what to bet.
Got about 14m atm... lol