Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

A good start

Decent video poker flash adaptation. A few different card backings and graphics might have been nice. Also, the odds seem way off. I find myself racking up hundreds of millions in a very short timespan.

Allowing users to type in a bet amount would also be a nice feature.

Breaking even on a pair should only happen on a pair of jacks or higher.

Decent game overall, however lacks depth and challenge. It is fun, but only in short durations.



good game but next time in a reward of somekind or a shop

Yeah, they are right.

It's a really good game but i kept playing it for 1 hour, and i had 5billion. =l
lol, after that i put all my money into a bet. and i lost everything xDDD
Yeah, it's true xD

Good, but not if you play it long...

I agree i played it for a little time and got bored.

played for 6 mins and got 1 billion.



you can't win anything