Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

Good Poker Game

Only one problem...where's the cash out button?

Good idea, smooth playing, just a few nitpicks.

I pretty much agree with the other reviewers. Nice easy game but there needs to be a way for it to remember your last bet so you don't have to make a new one every time. Also a high scores submission would be cool with some of the sick amounts these people were winning ;-)

pixelmonkey is an idiot

if you put in 2000 and win 2000 (meaning you got a pair) you only get your money back. theres no bug, you just need to think before you speak.

this game is pretty cool, although unrealistically easy. i played for an hour and a half and made over $5 billion. also, there should be more buttons so you don't have to click the $1 million button over and over to make big bets. personally i think it should go to a billion. but that's me. i give it an 8.

Very nice. Add an 'All In' button, perhaps?

It's a very well-made game with good graphics. It gets a bit tedious trying to go all in when you're up to a billion credits, though. I would suggest adding a button for that if possible. Good job!

I've definitely played worse !

The game kept me interested for quite a while, whereas the sounds are mute-able (didn't bother me much anyway). The interactivity of the game was cool tho'. Good Work!