Reviews for "Classic Video Poker"

i really am stuck in but it can get boring

not bad but the sound is so fucking inoing, im no computer expert but thay should make more of these but no dam shitty sound effects.

nice little game you got here

i dont know what squirrel boy was talking about, i made $1,248,953,275 off a thousand seed. trust me i got plent 3-of-a-kinds

Didnt like it

i have played many games before and this is nothing new i dont like this game but although i had pretty low standereds anyway

Please make it possible to withdraw a bet!

Accidents happen so it would help if you could sort of "un-bet".
Good though.

XSDSX responds:

It is possible to withdraw a bet. That's what the red bet buttons (below the green) are for.

Glad you found the liked the game.

Very Addictive. :D

I love it, but PLEASE make a save option. PLEASEEE. No one will be able to make like a billion dollars without a save option. Haha, and I wanna make a billion dollars. :(