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The Temple Of Time

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Temple of Time (Zelda 64). The lyrics are "Sempre aeternam tempus aedes"

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"Sempre aeternam tempus aedes" - "Temple of Time, always and eternally"

This is just epic and reflects a holy aura, still mysterious and ancient!

This piece is already a classic for me. Its this sort of sound that invigorates my imagination. To the point with a beautiful atmosphere.

 "Semper aeternam tempus aedes" - what does it mean in English? Well the literall translation comes out to "Always eternal time palaces". I'm not sure what that means. But I picked at the words a bit and I think they have a different meaning. "Always eternal; time palaces"... or maybe "always; eternal time; palaces". I think what makes the most sense is: " Time palaces always eternal". Give them some Zelda properties and you get "always eternal Time Temples". I think it supports that there IS a timeline and that one DOES OCCUR AFTER A PREVIOUS ONE. Time Temples is plural, implying that there is more than one. Always Eternal means that no matter how you remake or rebuild the temple of time, it's properties last forever. The Temple of Time is a place that cannot be changed. Why? If it changed, then the ancient legend of the Hero of Time would also change; based on the current temple's properties. If the Master Sword was not inside the Temple *cough, Wind Waker, cough cough* people might adopt the idea that the Hero of Time found the Master Sword in, say, Hyrule Castle * cough, WIND WAKER, cough*. The Temple of Time will always remain the same, to keep the legend alive for eternity.

The sound of this is just so atmospheric.
Like no one has been there in centuries.
All the history has this place has ever seen.
I have already said something similar on YouTube.
Yes, this can also be found on YouTube if you look.
The thumbnail image is of a decaying Temple of Time.