Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"

Win... nothing else needs to be said.

and how can people even think of WoW from this?!? shame on you guys who said that!!


It was great, serene and inspiring.

Lol, you should have seen my face.

I was in awe.


for one wow is the 2nd best game and is rated the most played game in the world. 2, this sounds like something from Halo3 Odst.
3, anyone who says wow sux is a moron and a drugie.
4, this is the best Zelda song i ever herd

this is...amazing...

awesome. this version of the song should have been in the Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time instead. more relaxing too. i am downloading this.

for all u idiots who wrote that this is from WoW. stop doing drugs and get your facts straight. WoW sux and this game was made before WoW.