Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"

WHOA this is awesome...

I always like the Song of Time...
But this... is just awesome

It makes me think it should be in the Zelda game... It's like a classic remix of the old fave, a very religious feel.

It's just aweseome. :)

Bezo responds:

Thanks. It's nice to see the occasional person appreciate what I was trying to do.


I'm writing a novelization of Ocarina of Time right now. These days, it has become a bit of a chore. Inspiration was totally lacking and I was losing all incentive to move on. However, this song totally got me back on my feet. Just one listen, and by God I WROTE! Is that a synthisizer/keyboard? It sounds very real. The way you add accompaniment to the melody is great, but what really got me saying "wow" was the bridges in between that were entirely of your own creation. This song just reminds me of how much I love this game. Thank you!

Bezo responds:

It's a combination of real singing and synth singing. All the real singing is done by me. I'm glad you liked it.

The Official Remake.

Usually speachless is the word to explain but you have officially made this a remake of the Temple of Time.

Bezo responds:

Thanks. I'll let Nintendo know this song has your endorsement.


oh my gosh, listening to that...wow I'm lost for words. You did an amazing job on this, great job buddy, great job.


I never thought about a Gothic chant when I heard the Song of Time before, but you have certainly proven that it works!

As to WoW, I don't give a damn about it so I couldn't say whether the music is similar or not.

Anyways, very nice piece.