Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"


thats the best colm song i've every eard. Fantastic job my friend!

Good to see the past,

It pleases me greatly to know that there are still those that remember LOZ ocarina of time and the other older games even with all this new stuff coming out. Though the story is different each time zelda is still a good series and should be remembered. thank you for doing so. Fantastic song and i am definitly downloading it.


10/10, Simply for the fact that it made me have a giant flashback of Zelda Orcarina of time; Definite flashback on the part where he first walks into the temple with the three artifacts in hand, placing them on the pedistal to become the "More Adult" Link.
Thanks so much! Keep it up!


Much more in depth than the one that plays in the game. I love it!


I never thought about a Gothic chant when I heard the Song of Time before, but you have certainly proven that it works!

As to WoW, I don't give a damn about it so I couldn't say whether the music is similar or not.

Anyways, very nice piece.