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The Halloween Hunt

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Author Comments

If it's too much of a lag, you can download offline version here:

Instructions are in the game, please read them, they contain very helpful tips. And I would aprreciate it a lot if you checked the credits as well.

Lots of thanks go to Rosalie Prins and Benjamin (Inglor) Gruenbaum.

The graphics can be a bit off, I'm a better programmer than artist, sorry. Also the game is pretty much rushed because of a deadline.


Not a bad game. A good concept with a simple story, some good animation and a straight forward combat system. The main downfall of the game was lack of variation. The monsters were the same in each level (as were the bosses). His father looked like a common thug and seemed way too young to for a medieval setting. The system for damage is quite flawed too. The main character does very little, whereas the enemies do a lot, and seem to crit quite often.

I thought it had a pretty cool format. You even seemed to take extra care in making the enemies all different. Sure, some were just color switches, but still good. I just think it got a bit repetitive. The graphics don't hold up that well. I do have to admit it's easy to understand. Like many games, that can also be a bad thing.

I hope you had a great Halloween as I certainly did. The name's pretty cool. I just like pumpkin headed characters. You could have used some more locations. I guess it doesn't matter if the enemies come unpredictably.

This isnt so bad but I having a little trouble with it but its still fun ;)

not to bad

gave me something to do and had some fun playing it.


I think it's an easy game, you just have to train the character repeating battles, which can only be done circling the area where you are. So you can raise the status of the character and defeat the bosses easily. This may take a while, but this formula is guaranteed to win.

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