Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"

that means

@pcpaste if that is right WoW is the nub that copys songs :D


...... You haven't played Zelda before?... Have you?
This is the Temple of Time theme. Legend of Zelda: Ocorina of time was made way before WoW. So shut up and get your facts straight. Also this is awesome. ;D

I agree with Nightscorn,

This is video game material, right here. Awesome job!


Ok nice song you got there but....

Its just the original WoW song but just slowed down....

you people can be fooled by anything but its cool, ya kno!

Dear god...

This is epic beyond all other remixes of any song of the LoZ series I've heard. This WILL be used in the next game, I know it will. You have a 10 out of 10 in ever form I could possibly criticize this. Amazing...