Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"

This is beautiful. The Temple of Time should have this instead of it's original theme.


I must say that this track is beautiful. I can feel several different emotions when I listen to this, your sound quality is excellent and the sound of the "monk" chant definitely enhances the experience you get whenever you listen to this. Excellent work my friend, excellent work indeed.

You know, every once and a while a song comes along in music, and there are just no words that could ever describe it. The very idea of using words to describe it is almost an insult to music like this.

It captures the essence of the song perfectly. That low fifth you use to open it just sends chills down my spine. If I close my eyes, I am there.

The universe exists so that things like this can be heard. Things that shake everything down to the core of your whole being. Things so beautiful that it leaves you in tears over the futility of trying to describe it.

I can only give this the highest humanly possible praise.

This is a great composition! It sounds ancient and holy! This is one of my personal favorite remixes for the Temple of Time. This interpretation is one of the best! :) I feel as if Ocarina of Time should be remade into a more darker and serious version, graphics remade similar to Castlevania: Lament of Innocence, and have this track for the Temple of Time! lol