Reviews for "The Temple Of Time"

Good god, first time I heard this I was absolutely blown away at how amazing yet simple this remix is!

Holy..... I'd curse right now, but that would take away from this music.

You literally made me weep because of how beautiful this music is. If the guys at nintendo don't hire you soon, or at the very least, hollywood to make a real legend of zelda movie, I swear that I will personally do everything I can to make that happen.

you sir, have created a masterpiece.

This Music is good enough to be in a REAL Nintendo game. You've outdone yourself, mister!

All has been said by the comments below.

All I can do is add my voice to theirs.

Truly outstanding music, I'd listen to it before drifting off to sleep or help me relax.

Makes me wish Nintendo would remake Ocarina just to get you to authorize the use of this for the Temple of Time's theme.

All 5 r.



This... Is... Music... Nowadays, we have two groups in "sound". Music and Noise. This is far away from being noise... I am almost criying as i hear this, not only because of the music, but because this is so nostalgic... The best version of the temple of time EVER. I commend you, sir, or lady, for making the day fo thousands of people.