Reviews for "_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_"


If I may ask? What software do you use for your work? or do you use any at all?


'nuff said...

U know what?

I usually don't like this Genre, but sir. Wow. Very EPIC!

6 bits of awesomeness in one.

This should have a permanent spot on the audio front page somewhere.

I loved it, however I could barely pick out where the transition between the 'gold' and 'neutral' parts was. Stating where they are in the author comments would make it easier.

Also, I get the feeling you could easily have made 6 seperate tracks out of this, just by lengthening the duration of the different parts of it. In my opinion, that would've been better than rolling them all into one (or better yet, have them all together like this and then make individual tracks for each part, so that you have the best of both worlds).

Still, it's now in my favourites anyway, so I really can't complain about any of it. :)


That Was Great, just too amazing