Reviews for "_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_"

What's BAD to say about this? At all?

just plain out it sounds like a song that you would hear at the slomo part of a war movie where everyone is dying but 1 guy is just standing there daized

Fantastic vibe from this one

So this was decent, and all the sgments are pretty awsome you do give it a "POWERFUL" Feel its well presented and you bring it all together to represent newgrounds very well, some more slow temp feels here so wouldnt mind some faster temp ones, but for the most part this was pretty good, really sets the tone like in a vast landscape setting, very welldone on this, nice presentation for newgrounds.

Could use some faster tempos and such but for the mostpart this is pretty good stuff.


my favorite auras in this song were Gold, Dark, and Red.

Great song!!!

This should be the official newgrounds song!!!

The introduction was amazing and made me think this is going to be a great song. When I listened some more, I heard the importance of the moderators and admins. Then the second section began and I heard a regular tune for the neutral aura with beautiful drumwork, some beautiful voices in the background, and violins. In the third section, the dark aura was described and many evil chants were heard as well as some evil music. In the fourth section, the music was crazy, just like how someone would do it when in rage. The fifth section was peaceful and describing the happiness of Newgrounds users. The final section was also very peaceful, but this time with mor peace than before. I loved all the sections and how the music described each section amazingly. Keep up the great work with your audio, MaestroRage!