Reviews for "_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_"

great job

Sounds really great!

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you kindly, and again for the review, i'm glad you liked it :D!


This is a great song to start off the new year with. I especially like the creativity you put into the changes based on the aura's, that was awesome. Fivened, favorited, and downloaded for you (and also because the song kicks ass, too!)

MaestroRage responds:

I'm glad you liked it Maahes! The new year holds a lot of promises and potential, I hope everybody takes what chances come their way, and progresses in their crafts and talents!

Thank you for the review!


I love it thorougly, and i'm really, REALLY not into classical at all.

Your first vote was a 0, so i'm giving you the five, as its what you deserve.

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you Koriigahn. I'll usually get a few 0's by the day's end but i'm not complaining. Thank you kindly for the review and five, i'm glad you liked it!