Reviews for "_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_"

I liked it

I liked it it was a nice build up with the intro and it doesnt stay the same, nice work with the variations. =D


perfect song. simply amazing. i have a story to go with this too

before the music starts a warrior is woken by his master and is told of an aproaching attack on his village. his is told to retrieve the holy sword from the tower, his master thinks he is ready. he climbs the tower and reaches the sword. he pulls it from its stand as the music starts.

first segment: he can feel the power in the blade. he is lifted of his feet and surrounded by light as the sword is filled with the might of the gods. he lands and looks over to his village, far in the distance. filled with courage he runs and jumps off of the tower.

second segment: he lands gracefully and takes a steady run towards his village. he thinks of all the things that have happened. he remembers his his mother, asleep in his village unaware of the dangers enclosing on her. these thoughts running through his mind as in the corner of his eye a shadowy bolt of energy is soaring towards him. time seemed to slow as it struck him in the back toppoling him over.

third segment: he climbed to his feet to see a dark figure standing before him, encased in shadow. his face twisted with evil. he summons more dark creatures as evil as he is. the warrior attacks, beating them easily with his new sword and with the power if light he severd the dark beast from its body.

fouth segment: he stopped for a moment, his heart beating heavily as if it would leap out of his chest at any moment. it started reaining as he gazed into the distance and saw his village burning infront of him. his heart beating faster now as he breaks into a run. his legs feel heavy and threaten to give way. he is getting closer now as the tension begins to build, he nears the gate his heart pounding out of his chest. he bursts through the gate and sees death and destruction everywere. buildings burning and people dying. he runs round the corner down a familiar path, he sees his home and bursts through the door...

fifth segment: he sees his mother lying still on the floor. he quickly moves beside her. he mourns for his fallen mother, he was too late to save her. he carefully picks her up. and slowly carrys her outside.

sixth segment: he buried her outside, the fires have stopped and so has the rain. the clouds have parted and its now a beautiful day. the warrior kneels by her side and vows to kill the one who did this to her and this village. he slowly stands, sword in hand and leaves the village to search for the one who did this to his life.

geeese thats long =)

you are the GOD of the NG audioportal i cant wait for more


I Love YOU ! and i really enjoyed it ! In-fucken-credable!!!

so POWERFUL ! what program do you work your songs on ? FL ?


how did u do this?
nice song!

omg newgrounds owns

nice soundtrack i love it