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[Update 2]I made a few alterations to this. The preloader works a lot better now, as the audio isn't being exported in the first frame... Whoops. Also, the game over screen is fixed.[/Update 2]

[Update]A new Video Game Quiz is coming. It's better, it's bigger, it's badder. Get excited.[/Update]

Test your video gaming knowledge.

Hey everybody, here's my third proper flash, I hope you like it, this is very much still a work in progress but it is also a self contained game and a fun thing to do (I hope) to test your gaming knowledge. I started the FLA from scratch and did everything again.
The instructions are in the game, mouse over the 'Instructions' tab at the bottom. You should all know how to play, only a mouse is needed, and I hope you all have fun!!
I think I have the quiz mechanics pretty much perfected now, I'm happy to say. All that remains is to implement the things like difficulties, perhaps, custom question time and picking and choosing questions. I hope you enjoy the music and graphics, and if you think anything needs to change, then TELL ME SO I KNOW, I'm not psychic :( .
If you want to PM me any suggestions for questions, please do :D.
And a note to all audio artists, especially the ones whose songs I've used: if you put random ~@:__)**:@ in the song title, it makes it really hard to find! I lost all the song numbers to accredit you, and finding them was horrible!

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very good

i like this game. those were very good Questions i have seen.

ShmenonPie responds:

Whoa, a new review! Thanks a lot, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for taking the time to play it!

Good effort

Well, i don't really like quiz games.. but this one was OK :D, thanks for using my music aswell!

keep at it

ShmenonPie responds:

Thanks, I really like your music, and I'm glad you took the time to look at my quiz.

I like it

It was pretty good with some nice questions, but my only problem is that the vpicture part was kind of confusing.

ShmenonPie responds:

That isn't the most helpful comment. In what way was it confusing? Were the questions written in a way that made it hard, or was the contrast between the text and the background not clear enough?

pretty good

take the time limit off its just annoying and leads to rushed decisions, yeah if you dont have time limit they just use google but they know their not true gamers if they do. and in the photo section looking at the photo with the writing on top was not a good idea, the writing ether blocks out part of the picture or the picture blocks out a bit of the writing and with the time limit it really doesnt help. and if saying all this makes me retarded well id rather be dumb and having fun than board out of my huge genius mind.

ShmenonPie responds:

The reason I have the time limit is so people can't use Google :D.
In the future I may make different difficulties with easy for no time limit, more skips, normal as it is now, and hard with less lives and no skips etc. If you think the time limit now is short, then you should have seen it when it was only 5 seconds :O
If you rolled over the text on the picture round, that brought up a box behind the text, making it easier to see. It only said that twice in the movie though. :/

good quiz

one downside is that on the picture part, the questions block parts of the pictures, making it hard to see them correctly, other then that, a good quiz

ShmenonPie responds:

True, I think one day I might shift the code from the big red, green and blue buttons and make it so that if you click on the answer texts, that'll execute the code for moving you to the next frame etc.
Thanks for your comments!