Reviews for "_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_"

I like the gold part best.

And as was said by Kingzant, you really should make seperate songs for each aura.

This is awesome.

A perfect Negrounds song, no? I think you should take the different "aura" themes, split them into seperate songs, and make them a bit longer. That would be awesome. (Btw I think dark is the best)

No other word

No other word than fantastic should fit this...but i got confused about the segments you should try to do this again... only each segment as a song not all together.

As there is more to say? well not really its great and therefore a 10 is suiteble

The auras they sooth me, anger me and enchant me.

The song is amazing, the chants of tghe people will utterly destroy other sites and rip-offs the classical feel to the song is just so enlightening, so angering and so soothing that it's amazing. This is one I would recommend for a download.


Dude!! This song is amazing!! The music is so powerful at the very beginning and dies off in the end to a more calm theme in such a way it was beautiful!!! Though, I didn't really like how the music went from 3:27 to the end; it didn't seem to fit in. Kind of childish, or something...