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Newgrounds Wiki: Aura


When first introduced, the aura was a visual representation of a users' voting habits, determined by their blams and protects. For example, someone who frequently voted zero would gain a red "Dark" aura, voting five could earn a blue "Light" aura and users in the middle obtained the green "Neutral" aura.

It was decided that this system encouraged users to behave based on the color aura they wanted and was changed with the 2007 redesign to allow users to choose their own aura. A pink "Fab" aura was added, while "Dark" was changed to grey and "Evil" was introduced as the new red aura.

The 2012 redesign changed this system once again, where instead of "Light" and "Dark" auras, users selected auras based on their interests, such as "Musician", "Game Developer", "Audiophile" or "Gamer."