Reviews for "Heavy area music"

Headbangingly brilliant

Awsome tune witha nice videogame style twang to it. Im putting this on my Ipod.

Liau responds:

:D Glad to be of service!

I agree with the Reviewer DIRECTLY below me....

I heard this in House of 1000 Cats from Pico Day '08, and I remember commenting on the music being epic, and this is one of the sounds I thought that just pulled the whole thing together, so in that respect, props to you ten million times, and also on an individual note, this is a very video game worthy sound. Congrats!

Liau responds:

Im glad you like it!
I loved the animations and how well they put it all together :P


Really good!!!

Liau responds:

Thanks!!! :P


That was sick, im happy i found this song, 10/10

You rock!

Awesome music man! Keep up the good work!