Reviews for "Heavy area music"


First heard in House of 1000 cats.

Liau responds:

1000 Cats is an awesome animation! :D

Loved it

This is something really great . I heard it first in that " house of 1000 cats". From the very first sound I knew I will love it ;D

Liau responds:

:D thanks!
The animator(s) mixed it really well with their flash :D


Fucking......GOD. This is possibly the best thing I've heard like this, as "House of 100 Cats" showed, it's great for showing fortresses of all kinds. You did an excellent job on this, I'm glad you made it, downloaded and favorited.
I like the beggining parts the most, from about :00 to :30, I think is some of the best parts, great job.

Liau responds:

Thanks! ^^ thoucats was awesome :D I loved how it was used in that :P Enjoy!

Boss theme

No doubt. I like it, it doesn't really sound so much creepy as kind of foreboding.

Liau responds:

thats probably the word I was looking for ^^

Can I make a recommendation?
Cut the last 5 seconds of dead space off of the song
I dont usually ask someone to alter their work like this, but I think the song slightly loses intensity if it can't be heard in a continuous loop.